Loan Services

Loan for Higher Education Students

- Effective rate of interest is 17% per annum
- Repayment period up to 48 months
- Loan amount up to HK$50,000



Installment Loan Repayment Reference Table: (e.g. Loan Amount HK$10,000)

Case 1:
Leo is a third year student with a Lifeguard Certificate. Leo started a lifeguard job with average salary $9,000 during summer. According to the recent good news on Stock Market, Leo felt that the economy would flourish and that provided a good investment opportunity. However he does not have much saving for investment. That night, he read about Ample's“Higher Education Student Loan” from online advertising and decided to apply it on the next day. According to his income, Ample has approved a loan amount of HK$50,000. Leo has doubled his money in a month at last.


Case 2:
Mandy is a university student of Year 1, she hold an online store as her part-time job and earns around HK$4,000 a month. During the New Year holiday, she went to Japan with friends. The trip was wonderful however she has bought many souvenirs and personal belongings which all paid by credit cards. When back to Hong Kong, she was very worried after receiving the credit card bills.
One day, she came across Ample's mini bus commercial and called the Customer Service Hotline. After detail explanation by the Ample's staff, she decided to apply for “Higher Education Student Loan”. As she has part-time earnings, she was successfully approved HK$30,000 to settle the credit card debts on the next day of application. From now on, she doesn’t need to worry about her credit card debts.