Repayment can be made through bank autopay or at office in cash or cheque.


Your payment will be done by “Direct Debit” of your bank account every month. It's so simple, just sign the Direct Debit Authorization Form when closing the borrowing contract.


Bank settlement date
Generally Monday to Friday (Excluding Public Holidays)


Due Date for repayment
When signing the contract, we will discuss a suitable repayment date with the customer. Whenever the due date encountered in non-bank settlement date, the new due date will be set according to the arrangement of the signed loan agreement, maybe in advance or postpone to the previous or next settlement day.The repayment date will be fixed when the agreement begins to effect.


Does Ample accept early partial or full repayment?
Yes. Your interest will be changing every day, please call us and confirm your repaymeny amount with our operator before payment.
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