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Property Loan

No Limitation on Aged Property﹅loan period available for only 3 Months
Ample can help you to get cash out for credit card debts consolidation, investments for your company or even cash flow management if you owned a property. All properties including residential and industrial buildings, office, shop premises, car park, village house or indigenous resident housing can be cash-out instantly with no limit on the age of the properties. Ample will pay for the legal fee required by the processing of mortgage or loan agreement. Therefroe, home owners can do the financing with no hassle.


New Property Transactions
If the property mortgages is not able to be approved on time while the transaction day is almost approached. The purchaser can apply Ample's Property Loan by simply submitting their documents three days in advance, in order to avoid losing the security deposit.

First Mortgage
Income proof is not required, only a property titled deed is required for applying the first mortgage. Ample accept any types and ages of properties, also no limits set for loan amounts, clients may borrow up to 70% of a property's valuation.


Second Mortgage
Ample also provide Second Mortgage to help the property owner to obtain new capital even the existing mortgage has not been completely paid off. Ample accept application even your first mortgage loan is under other financial institutions. The present of the deed of a unit or a house as a collateral is not required, plus extra high mortgage loans amount.


House Owner Special Loan
Owner of a HOS unit could pledge the property without paying the premium to the Housing Authority. Plus, the present of the deed of a unit or a house as a collateral is also not required. This help you to obtain new capital for business purposes, to fulfill your dream or to pay off your credit card debts easily.


Free Property Valuation (Customer Services Hotline: 3955 0008)