Ample Finance Limited is an authorized institution incorporated in Hong Kong and based on the Money Lenders Ordinance, Cap 163, to provide mortgage services, various types of personal loans.Moreover, Ample Finance Limited especially launched a new loan for Employee’s compensation and personal injured customers. We are a company committed to providing clear, transparent, legitimate and reasonable credit services for your financial needs.
Work-related injured people with no income proof to be provided, are basically rejected by most of the traditional loan company. Ample particularly launches an ‘Employee's Compensation and Personal Injury Loan’ to take care of needs for those customers who are temporarily lost earning capacity and need funds to turnover.

Ample Finance Limited
Updated at 2021-01-11
因應疫情關係 由2020年7月27日開始,本公司營業時間調整為:星期一至五早上10時至下午5時,星期六日及公眾假期休息,直至另行通知
Updated at 2020-07-27
新春營業時間調整 農曆新年假期: 1月23日 至 1月28日 休息 正常營業: 1月29日
Updated at 2020-01-22