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Employee's Compensation and Personal Injury Loan

Special loan plan for customers with work-related injuries or accidents injured. In view of the victim may not have sufficient financial resources to hire a lawyer and the long period of claims, Ample conduct one-on-one assessments for every injury cases, and offers professional legal advice from lawyer to our customer for free. No matter you are self-employed, manual workers, construction workers, transportation workers, civil servants or work with any other jobs, you can also apply for " Employee's Compensation and Personal Injury Loan " to release your living burden and maintain treatments.


- No income proof is required
- Loan amount up to HK$50,000
- Repayment period up to 24 months
- Free Lawyer assessment


Case 1:
Mr. Lee is a taxi drive. Unfortunately, he had a car accident about one and a half years ago and cause to his right leg injury. He is still required to keep rehabilitation treatment up to present and is forced to stop working by his injury. Mr. Lee is the bread winner, his family was facing a huge finance pressure with the incensement of treatments ' fee and daily expenses. However, Mr. Lee cannot find any finance company to offer him a loan, as he does not have any short-term income proof or previous income proof. About 2 months after the accident, Mr. Lee got to know Ample's “Employee's Compensation and Personal Injury Loan” from the advertisement. Mr. Lee consulted Ample immediately. With the accident report and medical reports, legal assessment was done on the next day and the claim procedures were started very soon. At the same time, Mr. Lee has approved a HK$500,000 revolving loan with low interest rate for him. Mr. Lee has returned to work after 6 months of the accident, and his claim has also settled at the 15th month with reasonable compensation.